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Item no.: 0132753
Supplier item: GLL10078-03-00P

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  • 0132753
***The EZLogger Pro is suitable, for example, for a ripple control receiver connection and can be used with all common Goodwe grid inverters.
The EZLogger Pro cannot be used in combination with Goodwe hybrid inverters such as the ES, EM or ET series.***
The EzLogger Pro is a self-developed monitoring device by GoodWe. In combination with a GoodWe solar inverter, it can easily read and record all key plant data and constantly transmit the data to the GoodWe portal via the internet.
Up to 60 PV inverters can be connected.
Note: max. lenght of the ethernet connection: 100m

Technical details

Amount connected phases:
Number of Mpp-Trackers:
Connection type:
Manufacturer: Goodwe
Manufacturer Item Name:
Intrastat Product number: 85049090
Supplier item: GLL10078-03-00P
Amount per Bag:
Amount per Container:
Amount per Box:
Amount per Pallet:
Pack. Material:
Pal. Dim. LxBxH (mm):
Height (mm): 37
Length (mm): 190
Width (mm): 118
Weight (kg): 0,50
Warranter: Goodwe
Product Warranty (yr): 2