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1/3 PH 230/400V Electricity Meter, DIN-Rail/Modbus

Item no..: 0131787
Supplier item: SE-MTR-3Y-400V-A

Prices plus VAT plus shipping costs

  • 0131787

***not suitable for UK/ES – 0127607 has to be used instead***

***When ordering the meter also current sensors (1 current sensor per phase, for deviating values please contact SolarEdge) must be ordered***

Item number 0146354 (rated current 100 A)

Item number 0146355 (rated current 250 A)

Item number 0147992 (rated current 1000 A)

Item number 0128233 (rated current 1200 A)

Item number 0128234 (rated current 2000 A)

Item number 0128235 (rated current 3000 A)

to implement the dynamic feed-in regulation.

Energy Meter with Modbus Connection for SolarEdge Installations:
- High accuracy meter readings for production/consumption monitoring
- Import/Export meter readings for export limitation functionality
- Small and easy to install - fits in standard electrical panel
- Supports residential, commercial and utility-size installations
- Support RS485 120O line termination

Technical details

Amount connected phases:
Number of Mpp-Trackers:
Connection type:
Manufacturer: SolarEdge
Manufacturer Item Name:
Intrastat Product number: 90283090
Supplier item: SE-MTR-3Y-400V-A
Amount per Box:
Pack. Material:
Pal. Dim. LxBxH (mm):
Height (mm): 35
Length (mm): 75
Width (mm): 139
Weight (kg): 0,23
Warranter: SolarEdge
Product Warranty (yr): 5