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storage system ABB REACT2-UNO-5.0-TL

Item no..: 0129984
Supplier item:

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  • 0129984

***Fimer S.p.A. is under Italian protective shield proceedings. Please be informed about possible consequences, especially regarding the manufacturer's warranty***

Hazardous material according to UN 3480 / Transport hazard class 9 / Packing Group II

If the battery cable is not sufficient in length, a additional kit with 2 meter cables can be ordered (item number 0129925)!

Single phase inverter with Li-lon battery unit for energy storage (12 kWh)

- 5000 Wac
- 2 MPPT
- DC and AC coupled
- built-in WiFi and LAN datalogger
- Protocols: Modbus TCP (SunSpec), Modbus RTU (SunSpec, ABB-free @ home)
- 2 programmable relays for load management purpose
- Backup output (max 3 kW with PV and battery)

Technical details

Gross capacity (kWh):
Amount connected phases:
Discharging power (kW):
Charging power (kW):
Backup System Possible:
Storage Type:
Celltype Storage:
AC nominal power (kVA):
Net capacity (kWh): 11,40
Battery Connection:
Supplier item:
Manufacturer: ABB-Fimer
Intrastat Product number: 85076000
Dangerous goods UNNr: 3480
Weight (kg): 122,32
Warranter: ABB-Fimer