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POWERSHAPER2 40kW / 103 kWh, Commercial storage



POWERSHAPER2 40kW / 103 kWh, Commercial storage

Cell chemistry NMC 82,4 kWh usable, 40 kW WR

Item no..: 0152775
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  • 0152775


UN 3480 Lithium Ion Batteries, 9, (E)

Transport category 2

The heart of our new commercial storage system from the Norwegian company Pixii is a small black box – the PixiiBox. 12-15 of these bidirectional inverters, each with 3.33 kW, form the Pixii PowerShaper2 commercial storage system with 8 - 10 battery slots. Depending on the desired cell chemistry, 48 kWh (LFP) or 103 kWh (NMC) are possible per rack. The PowerShaper2 can be cascaded up to the MWh range. Also available in an air-conditioned version for use in higher outside temperatures. The ever-current topic of backup power is also feasible with Pixii.

Product advantages:

• Maximum flexibility through comprehensive scalability

• proven NMC cell chemistry

• Integrated web server

• Connection to higher-level energy management possible

• Integrated section switch for central NA protection according to VDE AR- 

   4105 usable

• Free online commissioning support

• Free delivery in DE

• Compatible Energy Meter and transducer as separate accessories


• Cascading: with entire racks, up to several MWh possible

• Application as backup power system (only master unit active, switching point

   mains connection must be created individually on site)

Product features:

• Capacity (usable): 82.4 kWh

• Total charging capacity: 40 kW

• Charging line per Pixiibox: 3.3 kW

• Charge Rate: 0.3C

• Application: peak shaving, increase in self-consumption, PRL

• Visualization: local via web server, higher-level connection

    management possible

• Cell chemistry: NMC (nickel manganese cobalt)

• Place of installation: Outdoor

• Cooling: regulated fans with filter system

• Protection class: IP55

• Certification: VDE 4105, VDE 4110 (currently as prototype certificate)

• Rack dimensions: 706 x 2106 x 932 mm (W x H x D)

• Total weight: 830 kg (1x rack 220 kg, 12 x Pixiibox each 2 kg, 8 x

    battery unit each 72.5 kg)

Set contains:

- 1x Cabinet PowerShaper2 with ventilation, IP55 (0152752)

- 12x PIXIIBOX 48/3300, power module PowerShaper2 (0152753)

- 8x battery tray NMC PowerShaper2 (0152755)

- 1x pre-installation + online support, 1 cabinet (0152758)

- 1x Master Cabinet Com Kit (0152756)

- 3x blind cover Cabinet PowerShaper2 1U (0152757)

- 1x energy meter for PowerShaper2 (0152662)

Available downloads

Technical details

AC nominal power (kVA): 40,00
Discharging power (kW): 40,00
Gross capacity (kWh): 103,00
Charging power (kW): 40,00
Net capacity (kWh): 82,40
Amount connected phases: 3
Backup System Possible: yes
Storage Type: Low Voltage
Manufacturer: Pixii
Manufacturer Item Name:
Supplier item:
Battery Connection: AC
Intrastat Product number: 85076000
Dangerous goods UNNr: 3480
Weight (kg): 830,00
Warranter: Pixii