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Large storage set Energy Storage System TS70

Item no..: 0130224
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  • 0130224
Please be sure to note that either Initial Commissioning Support (IBC) (item 0134019) must be provided by the manufacturer (SMA) or installer training must be provided on this system (both at a cost) in order for the storage system to be compliant with the warranty terms. 

  • If you need the IBÜ, please fill out the order form and send it to your account manager:

  • If the IBN is not ordered, please send the completed commissioning protocol to your account manager immediately after commissioning:

If the system is commissioned by untrained persons, the warranty will be voided.

For components for memory expansion, commissioning support, installer training, warranty extension, etc., please contact your account manager.
Energy Storage System TS70 consisting of:
- Sunny Tripower Storage STPS60-10 battery inverter
- Storage-67-TS-10: 67 kWh battery storage including BMS
- SMA Inverter Manager IM-20
- SMA Data Manager M powered by ennexOS
- Power supply CLCON-PWRSUPPLY
- JANITZA network analyzer
- Technical documentation ESBusiness XL

Technical details

Gross capacity (kWh):
Net capacity (kWh): 0.00
Amount connected phases:
Discharging power (kW):
Charging power (kW):
Backup System Possible:
Storage Type:
Celltype Storage:
AC nominal power (kVA):
Battery Connection:
Supplier item:
Intrastat Product number: 85044084
Manufacturer: SMA
Dangerous goods UNNr: 3480
Weight (kg): 902,86