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PVS-60-TL-SX2 SPD1+2



PVS-60-TL-SX2 SPD1+2

three-phase string inverter

Item no..: 0110459
Supplier item: 3P759905000A

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  • 0110459

***Fimer S.p.A. is under Italian protective shield proceedings. Please be informed about possible consequences, especially regarding the manufacturer's warranty***

Only usable when connecting to 480V AC voltage!

15 DC input via fast connectors, 3 independent channels, protection fuses on both poles (state monitoring not included), DC Switch (no AC switch), SPD type I+II in DC side monitored, SPD type II in AC side monitored, mounting bracket included

Technical details

Max. generator power DC (kWp): 72,00
Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter: no
Max. input voltage DC (V): 1.000,00
AC nominal power (kVA): 60,00
European efficiency (%): 98,00
Max. efficiency (%): 98,50
Max. input current (A): 108,00
Max. AC power (kVA): 60,00
Number of Mpp-Trackers: 3
Topology: transformerless
Feed-in phases: 3
Step-Up converter: no
Degree of protection (IP): IP65
Interface 1: RS485
Display: w/o display
Interface 2: Ethernet
Maximum voltage input Mpp (V): 700
Minimum voltage input Mpp (V): 420
Number of string inputs (pcs): 15
Battery Connection:
Supplier item: 3,00
Intrastat Product number: 85044088
Manufacturer: ABB-Fimer
Manufacturer Item Name:
Height (mm): 262
Width (mm): 1100
Length (mm): 750
Weight (kg): 70,00
Pal. Dim. LxBxH (mm):
Product Warranty (yr): 5
Warranter: ABB-Fimer