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three-phase string inverter

Item no..: 0110457
Supplier item: 3P759904000A

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  • 0110457

***Fimer S.p.A. is under Italian protective shield proceedings. Please be informed about possible consequences, especially regarding the manufacturer's warranty***

Only usable when connecting to 480V AC voltage!

15 DC input via fast connectors, 3 independent channels, protection fuses on both poles (state monitoring not included), DC Switch (no AC switch), SPD type II in both sides AC and DC monitored, mounting bracket included

Technical details

Max. generator power DC (kWp): 72,00
Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter: no
Max. input voltage DC (V): 1.000,00
AC nominal power (kVA): 60,00
European efficiency (%): 98,00
Max. efficiency (%): 98,50
Max. input current (A): 108,00
Max. AC power (kVA): 60,00
Number of Mpp-Trackers: 3
Topology: transformerless
Feed-in phases: 3
Step-Up converter: no
Degree of protection (IP): IP65
Interface 1: RS485
Display: w/o display
Interface 2: Ethernet
Maximum voltage input Mpp (V): 700
Minimum voltage input Mpp (V): 420
Number of string inputs (pcs): 15
Battery Connection:
Supplier item: 3,00
Intrastat Product number: 85044088
Manufacturer: ABB-Fimer
Manufacturer Item Name:
Height (mm): 262
Width (mm): 1100
Length (mm): 750
Weight (kg): 70,00
Pal. Dim. LxBxH (mm):
Product Warranty (yr): 5
Warranter: ABB-Fimer