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for connection with Heatpump

Item no..: 0149828
Supplier item: 9051.00033.00

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  • 0149828


- Cost-saving: Maximize PV energy to provide electricity and heat, saving more on electricity bill

- Eco-friendly: 100% pure clean solar energy with zero carbon emission

- Intelligent Controlling: SolaX inverter intelligently controlling on and off status of the heat pump

- Simple and Flexible: Set once and forget, you decide how and when heat pump works for you

- Remote Monitoring (Under development): Easy tracking of system performance on SolaX Cloud

Technical details

Amount connected phases:
Number of Mpp-Trackers:
Connection type:
Manufacturer: Solax
Manufacturer Item Name:
Intrastat Product number: 39269097
Supplier item: 9.051,00
Amount per Bag:
Amount per Container:
Amount per Box:
Amount per Pallet: 30
Pack. Material:
Pal. Dim. LxBxH (mm):
Height (mm): 70
Length (mm): 80
Width (mm): 130
Weight (kg): 0,50
Warranter: Solax
Product Warranty (yr): 2