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EVBox GmbH


Item no..: 0146482
Supplier item: E3160-A45062-10.2

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KfW eligible
  • 0146482

***please have your specialist company confirm in writing that the charging point of the charging station has been throttled to 11 kW or only has a charging capacity of 11 kW***

EVBox Elvi - The charging station for your home
The EVBox Elvi offers you a powerful, low-maintenance and future-proof charging solution for your home. The modular design and simple user interface makes charging and installation as easy as possible for you. EVBox charging management software gives you real-time insights into charging sessions (for variants with MID meters) as well as remote control and monitoring.

- Adjustable charging power
- Permanently connected charging cable
- 6mA DC ground fault detection
- RFID authentication
- EVBox Charge app and LED display
- Wifi and RS485 interface
- Future oriented and always up to date
- Connection to various billing system providers
- Cable holder optional (0146485)
- Prepared for solar charging (smappee)

Technical details

Cable permanently installed:
Charging power (kW):
Amount of charging connectors:
Charging power per connector:
Governmental Support Programm: KfW 441
Intrastat Product number: 85371091
Manufacturer: EVBox GmbH
Manufacturer Item Name:
Supplier item: E3160-A45062-10.2
Access Restriction:
Surplus Charging: 0
Amount per Pallet:
Pack. Material:
Width (mm): 420
Height (mm): 420
Length (mm): 320
Weight (kg):
Product Warranty (yr): 3